Eportfolios As Multipurpose

There are different reasons students create an eportfolio.  They may aid in the assessment process that indicates to the instructor that students have completed the requirements of a course or program .  Another purpose may be to showcase the students’ accomplishments to instructors or potential employers.

The eportfolio also has the potential to support students’ learning in other ways.  When a student creates the artifacts and reflects upon these in the eportfolio, this makes their understanding of the material visible to the instructor.  This visibility allows the instructor to see where the student may need feedback that will support their efforts to master the material.

This visibility also allows the student to look back on previous work and reflections they have created and see the progress of their own learning.  This has the potential to contribute to their understanding of how they learn.  This is a very important as the student works towards monitoring their own strengths and weaknesses as they continue to work towards their academic goals.

There are other positive aspects of using eportfolios in a program.  I am collecting information about how other programs approach the use of eportfolios for their students and found that Virginia Tech has quite an interesting perspective.




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