Week 6 – What Is Showing…

When I first put my About.me page up I used a picture of a flower that  I had snapped in my garden on my way to work one day. The rose filled the card.  There was a spikey green part of the flower that went right through the middle of the image. The image dominated the screen and I feel like it was distracting and too busy.

First Image

I put the image into powerpoint and played around with the angle and placement on the slide.  I tried to lose the spikey green thing in the middle of the screen.

Working in PowerPoint

I then used some of the options on the tool bar to blur the background to make the image softer and hopefully fade into the background.

I worked a little with the font size and ended up with a different look.

My Aboutme page

I think I need to do something different with my picture too – but, haven’t come up with any new ideas.


I went to my wordpress site made a similar switch out with the same image. But, I used the stage before I blurred the background. This made it a little crisper and I thought this would work as the image is only a strip across the top.  I liked the feature that let me choose the portion of the picture that I wanted to show.

Using the same image in blog site



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