Week 8 – Movers and Shakers

There are some things I like about an LMS.  It’s predictable – mostly stable and dependable – and it can support the administrative tasks pretty well.  It’s convenient.  It does a job.

In order to thrive or even just survive, institutions of higher learning need to gain the ranking and stamp of approval of key organizations. They must document that their curriculum are tieds to concepts that are listed and to prove that they are meeting certain standards.  How better to collect and organize this kind of information then with data based platforms that track everything.

Technology continues to present new opportunities for students to become creators of content rather than just consumers.  Advances in social media resources allow the development of communities of learners – and now all of these resources are available 24/7 on our cell phones.

I think that the way that our Instructor for this Social Networking course has set up the three web-based sites to support the learning goals is the way to go.  The right tool for the right job seems to be the answer – If you need security and/or statistics use the LMS.  If you are trying to get your students to create and explore – open a site in wordpress.



What are the implications of “going Edupunk” with learners?

Learners who “go Edupunk” – are life wide and lifelong learners.  They are autonomous. These learners are destined to be active in learning communities and actively create content to share with the world.  They are the “movers and shakers”.



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