Transformative Enough?

Last spring I had a chance to watch a video of Renee Hobbs’ session on copyright. It was quite an eye opener and incredibly empowering.

So when I needed to create a multimodal assignment for a class I took over summer session – I approached my selection of images and video with a slightly different focus then I would have before.  I enthusiastically worked with a variety of medium and submitted the following link:

I cited, and quoted, and referenced diligently – but, I am to this moment still a little uneasy about all of the images and video I used to create it. Even after reviewing the resources for this week’s session (and that includes re-watching Renee) – I still am not sure I shouldn’t go back and revisit the work I did on this project.

My goal was to be “creative, innovative and to spread knowledge” – but, was I “transformative” enough?

I would like to be comfortable using copyrighted materials – but, it’s hard to get past the anxiety of breaking copyright law.  A recent post by Tanya Roscorla, “Why Schools Aren’t Safe Harbors for Copyright Infringement” seems to give just cause for my fears.

I hope to spend time reviewing what my classmates contribute to this session’s topic –